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Andrew is a London-based software engineering consultant and change-maker who helps companies like yours solve genuine challenges and remove limitations. From guiding how a healthy organisation looks like, including the best structure, attitude and culture, to find the right balance between creative freedom, processes and true passion amongst your team. As most problems come from poor communication, lack of direction and poor leadership habits, the help starts from people on the organisation’s top. The #oneteam culture is at the core of everything he does and everything your organisation should strive for to succeed.

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#oneteam is always about doing more than is expected from us. Not because we have to, but because we want to.

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“He’s a passionate leader that is knowledgeable and has a diverse perspective on many topics, thus always able to generate the right type of conversation. He led a number of key technical changes in the team increasing code quality and overall customer satisfaction of our product. He helped hire the best engineering managers and software developers a senior leader could hope for, he contributed to the vision and to drive important process improvements. He’s also curious and open to feedback, always striving to improve and gain more knowledge.”

Luca Sale – Technical Director, Discovery+ Europe

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Andrew Winnicki – #oneteam

Andrew is a highly accomplished and results-oriented professional with over a decade of experience in leadership, software engineering and design. He now runs his consultancy company to help businesses and corporations to understand and address challenges around inadequate organisation structures, poor performance, unmotivated employees and unsatisfactory product quality. He is a firm believer that change starts from the top—developing the right culture and mindset and finding the perfect balance between processes and creative freedom to optimise operations, bringing the best out of teams, and ensuring people are never just “assets” or “resources”.

Andrew has spent over 20 years working within software engineering, leading, mentoring, developing and hiring hundreds of talented people worldwide to deliver multi-million dollar projects across brands like NVIDIA and Discovery. He continuously expands his skills with Institute for Management Development (IMD) and has been nominated for the Chief Digital Officer of the Year award.

Medium Articles from Andrew

what leadership is

What leadership is and what it’s not. The good and the bad.

People often think that being in a leadership position means a comfy seat, a big salary and giving orders. We also often feel that all this comes with a lack of real knowledge and not taking any responsibility. Basically, being an asshole… That’s how bad leadership looks like.

Strong leadership is the greatest single factor in a team’s performance.

Being a good leader might not come with an official position, but it comes with responsibility for everything within the team. It means leading down and helping others, but also leading up and supporting their boss. A leader’s role is to…

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hiring software engineers

How not to hire software engineers. The ultimate guide.

Hiring poor software engineers is an actual skill, but some companies are on a mission to take it to another level. Their process to find candidates is exceptional, and it’s worth digging into this topic a little bit more to learn from their mistakes. I encourage you to read the whole post, but if you are lazy, here is a short version…

These are the most common mistakes you can make that will help you find the perfect worst candidate.

  1. Reject all CVs that don’t look “pretty enough”.
  2. Use bots to filter out CVs with/without specific keywords.
  3. Only talk to…

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